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Rwanda, The Royal Tour

The television series is a gem of an idea; ask a head of state to act as tour guide of his in own (So far it has only been a he) country, with the...

Musical Ambassador, Louis Armstrong and Africa: the Triumph and Tragedy

In the 1950s and 60s arguably the greatest Jazzman, Louis Armstrong visited several African countries including Ghana and Sierra Leone. Today, 27th April as Sierra Leone celebrates its independence, we look at the great man’s visit with his family of musicians just months before Sierra Leone gained its independence. A trip marked with triumph and tragedy.

Mboka – One Family, One Africa

Mboka, my new family, new friends. We drive along to places with names that roll off our tongues, Farafina, Wassau Stone circle, Janjanbureh, Juffureh, Kunte Kinte Island in yellow-green taxis, buses, dodging animals slow...

The Nile Project: A Rich Tributary Flowing Through the World of Music

‘The Nile Project’ brings together musicians from all 11 countries (Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo) through which the great river Nile flows. The musicians combine the rich musical heritage of their homeland with a social message.