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Top TED Talks on Africa

AfricanPostmark’s top 10 TED Talks focusing on Africa that challenges the single story portrayal of poverty, corruption war and other negativity



A library of past articles featured on AfricanPostmark

Ade Daramy

Of Africa and Africans

Friends, Comrades, Africans, put away your fears Give me a few moments to wipe away your tears Come a little closer and give me your hand Join me on a journey across the motherland...

Revellers at 2015 Trinidad Carnival

In Praise of the Afrobeat-Soca Collaboration

Esi-June Mittee Adabunu is half St Lucian/half Ghanian here she looks at how the music from both sides of her heritage, (Soca from the Caribbean and Afrobeat )has given birth to a new and exciting music genre “Afrosoca”.

Selection of food from Chez Loutcha, Calhou

A Cape Verdean Food Odyssey

Mo Ibrahim is widely quoted as having said, “Cape Verde produces good people”; and Cape Verdean folklore says that when God finished creating the world, he dusted his hands and the crumbs that fell...