Sierra Leone at 55 – an Independence Anniversary Commemoration

We wish all Sierra Leoneans a Happy 55th Independence Anniversary (27 April); and also welcome all our readers to the first of what we hope will become a regular series of publications commemorating Independence and National Days for countries across Africa, available to download as eBooks and various pdf documents and Powerpoint slides.
These publications will be informative and hopefully, contain interesting and little known facts, as well as rarely seen photographs.
We are especially grateful to AfricanPostmark’s Ade Daramy for curating this Sierra Leone commemoration,  featured in  two publications; the first is an ebook which gives a short run-through the nation’s historical, artistic, culinary and cultural highlights pre-and-post-Independence, and the second is a PowerPoint slideshow which features many images from World War Two and is based on photographs we were granted access to by the Imperial War Museums.
Of particular interest in the latter, is the story, in pictures, of an Englishman, who was based in Sierra Leone and became an integral part of life in the mountain village of Leicester, near Freetown – even being initiated into the local ‘Leopard Society’.
Enjoy and please give us your feedback on these and other aspects of the African Postmark website:
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