The news about Africa is often unbalanced with the positive news coming out of Africa lost in the usual war, famine, death narrative.  Even media outlets with a good record in presenting stories from Africa, struggle to give the good news, as the BBC’s Nancy Kacungira so succinctly laments.

At africanpostmark.com we aim to redress that balance by bringing you the many inspirational developments taking place in Africa and among the African diaspora.  By doing so, we hope to celebrate and commemorate, inspire, surprise and delight you with the diversity and breadth of talent, imagination and invention that has come and continues to come from Africa. Africanpostmark.com will cover stories on music, art, food, fashion.  Read more

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African Countries Shine at World Travel Expo

African countries showcased the beauty of travel to the continent at this year’s World Travel Market Expo in London.

 Rwanda  – The Royal Tour

The President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, welcomes documentary film maker Peter Greenberg as Rwanda becomes the latest country featured in his travelogue series “The Royal Tour”, and reveals the beauty of Rwanda – making this a must visit country for any discerning traveller.

Louis Armstrong and Africa: the Triumph and Tragedy

In the 1950s and 60s arguably the greatest Jazzman, Louis Armstrong visited several African countries including Ghana and Sierra Leone. Today, 27th April as Sierra Leone celebrates its independence, we look at the great man’s visit with his family of musicians just months before Sierra Leone gained its independence. A trip marked with triumph and tragedy. Ade Daramy reports

Cape Verde: A Sensual Feast

Reporting for AfricanPostmark from the Mindelo Carnival in Cape Verde, Paula Moio falls in love with Cape Verde, again and again.  An Island filled with good food, good music and beautiful, friendly people.

Mboka Festival of Arts and Culture, The Gambia

Mboka Festival of Arts and Culture, The Gambia

Mboka Festival of Arts and Culture, The Gambia

In Wolof, Mboka means “one family” and the 2018 Mboka Festival of Arts and Culture welcomed visitors to The Gambia to celebrate Gambian cultural heritage and the cultural heritage from the African diaspora.  Actress, Writer, Lecturer and Raconteuse Anni Domingo and her family, were revived in the African sun.


A Lagosian state of mind

A visit to the vibrant city of Lagos (Nigeria) is sure to capture your heart as AfricanPostmark’s Andrew Isabirye can testify.

Baia das Gatas festival – A Perfect Introduction to Cape Verde


“Sandy panorama in Boa Vista 2, 2010 12” by Ximonic, Simo Räsänen – Own work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons –

The Baia das Gatas Festival is a perfect introduction to the beautiful Island of Cape Verde and runs from 11-13 August.  There’s still time to book your ticket to this beautiful Island and enjoy good music, good food and meet friendly locals.

Africa Utopia 2017

A celebration of Africa at London’s South Bank – Africa Utopia 2017 featured panel discussions, food, fashion and arts and crafts from Africa.

Leroy Rosenior’s West Africa Book Launch Tour of His Autobiography “It’s Only Banter”

It's Only Banter written by former English Premier League footballer Leroy Rosenoir

“It’s Only Banter” Leroy Rosenoir

Former footballer, Leroy Rosenior launched his West African book tour in Accra, Ghana. His autobiography “It’s only Banter” recounts the highs and lows as a professional footballer.

The Nile Project:
A Rich Tributary Flowing Through

the World of Music


‘The Nile Project’ brings together musicians from all 11 countries (Egypt, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo) through which the great river Nile flows.  The musicians combine the rich musical heritage of their homeland with a social message.

Our Choice, Our Inauguration, Our President!

gambia has decided poster

After 22 years in power in The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh was defeated in the 2016 Presidential elections by Adama Barrow.  Jammeh initially accepted defeat but then refused to relinquish power.  However, the will of the Gambian people prevailed and President Adama Barrow was inaugurated as the country’s rightful president on 18th February 2017 – a little late but a welcomed achievement. Kadija Sesay reflects on the celebrations that accompanied this peaceful and emotional event.

AFCON 2017: Truly Indomitable: Cameroon Win Against the Odds

Closing Ceremony during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Finals Afcon Final match between Egypt and Cameroon at the Libreville in Gabon on 5 February 2017 ©Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix

Closing Ceremony during the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations Finals Afcon Final match between Egypt and Cameroon at the Libreville in Gabon on 5 February 2017 ©Samuel Shivambu/BackpagePix



With their big name players deciding to stay away from the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon were ranked as outsiders to win the tournament.  But heart, pride and team spirit delivered a stunning victory for the indomitable lions as they were crowned well-deserved champions.


In his Father’s Footsteps: Vieux Farka Toure Steps Out


Vieux Farka Toure, carrying on the tradition of great music from beautiful Mali


This Flag – Zimbabwean Social Media Movement



#ThisFlag a movement representing the hopes and ambitions of Zimbabweans as they demand an end to the country’s economic problems. UK-Zimbabwean Barrister, Beverley T Da Costa helps us to understand the growth and impact of the movement.

Return to Cabo Verde: Mindelo’s Mini-Carnival

After falling in love with the beautiful Island of Cape Verde, AfricanPostmark’s Ade Daramy returns to the Island just in time to experience the Mindelo Carnival – the Creole festival full of colour, music and atmosphere.

Finding Mama Africa in Trinidad and Tobago – A Personal Journey

Whilst enjoying the delights of the mother of carnivals in Trinidad and Tobago, Amadu Massally discovers he is surrounded by reminders of mama Africa.

Celebrating International Day of the African Child 2016

International Day of the African Child

International Day of the African Child

The International Day of the African Child has been celebrated since 1991 on 16th June.  Each year a theme is chosen to commemorate the day which this year is: “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights,”.  AfricanPostmark joins the world united in protecting and nurturing children.

Bringing African Fashion to Paris and the World

Meet French Cameroonian designer Ayissi nga Joseph Marie (aka JJ STYLE) making a name for himself in the world of fashion.

map of Africa with flags

Towards African Unity – Celebrating Africa Day 25th May

A Conversation with Afeni Shakur Remembered

Special Series: Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone at 55 – a commemorative Independence Anniversary special


We wish all Sierra Leoneans a Happy 55th Independence Anniversary (27 April); and also welcome all our readers to the first of what we hope will become a regular series of publications commemorating Independence and National Days for countries across Africa, available to download as eBooks and various pdf documents and Powerpoint slides.

Proverbs and Top Facts from Sierra Leone


AfricanPostmark’s Top Ten TED Talks

AfricanPostmark’s top 10 TED Talks focusing on Africa that challenges the single story portrayal of poverty, corruption war and other negativity.


Your Hair, Naturally Yours, Naturally Beautiful!

Your hair is your crowning glory and more and more black women are rediscovering that natural is best.  Five years after starting her natural hair journey, AfricanPostmark’s Mahalia Johnson gives us an insight on her journey into becoming a “naturalista”.

In our Poetry Corner, AfricanPostmark publishes a tribute from a young man when asked to describe his idea of “Beauty” – it may surprise you!

Special Series: Cape Verde

In our special series AfricanPostmark’s Ade Daramy and Isabella Lisk found there was more to this Island of Cape Verde than just sunshine and beautiful sandy beaches.

Generation Next: Cabo Verde music beyond Cesaria Evora


The next generation of young Cape Verdean artists keeping the islands music alive and keeping the world dancing.

A Cape Verdean Food Odyssey

Lobster and Steamed Vegetables, Riberia Grande, Santa Antao

On a recent visit to Cape Verde, AfricanPostmark’s Isabella Lisk discovered a mouthwatering variety of seafood, a mainstay of the cuisine on this enchanting Island.

The architecture of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao, Cabo Verde: a marriage of modernity and tradition

Close-up of a section of Mindelo’s seafront - Avenida da Republica - with newly built restaurant in the right of picture, refurbished properties in centre and left and behind them, rising up the hillsides, new residential constructions

Ade Daramy, was impressed by the juxtaposition of old and new architecture on the Cape Verdean islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao