Author: Jan Dee

Mboka – One Family, One Africa

Mboka, my new family, new friends. We drive along to places with names that roll off our tongues, Farafina, Wassau Stone circle, Janjanbureh, Juffureh, Kunte Kinte Island in yellow-green taxis, buses, dodging animals slow...

African Countries Rio 2016

All Roads Lead to the Olympic Games – Rio 2016

Billed as the greatest sporting event, the Olympic games comes round once every 4 years.  For many sportsmen and women 5th to 21st August in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, will be the most important of...

In Praise of the Afrobeat-Soca Collaboration

Esi-June Mittee Adabunu is half St Lucian/half Ghanian here she looks at how the music from both sides of her heritage, (Soca from the Caribbean and Afrobeat )has given birth to a new and exciting music genre “Afrosoca”.